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Can someone who is not a Canadian citizen can check such thing?

UCP To Tackle Growing Crime Wave – The United Conservative Party

If I can, please tell me how to do so. Thank you so much for your help in advance.

You can't, we're not the US. Public sex offender registries seem like a good idea for about 5 seconds and then you realize that's how you guarantee repeat offenders and a lifetime of criminality because it prevents rehabilitation from a crime with one of the lower recidivism rates.

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Do you trully think someone who makes child porn or diddles children deserves to be rehabilitated. When a sex offender moves into a neighbourhood, it gets mentioned on the news and the whole neighbourhood is made aware of their presence. It is not kept secret. I had a friend in elementary who had a registered sex offender move into his neighbourhood and every door got a notice.

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There is no possibility for you to do a record check without them knowing and participating. If you are from Asia there is no possibility you can run a criminal record check on them.

There is no public database for sexual offenders in Canada where you can physically search somebody's name. They also found that there had been certain file sharing programs on one of the computers at one point, but that they had been deleted and another program had been used to purge the information.

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On the other hand, being placed on the registry has a significant impact on a person's life, she said. For example, such people must inform police every time they move.

Edmonton judge strikes down mandatory registration for repeat sex offenders

Police may question them at any time, including their place of work. When you weigh those things and say based on those chances, is it worth it to destroy this guy's life? Adams said Moen's decision is part of a pattern of mandatory sentences being rolled back from former prime minister Stephen Harper's era. On Tuesday, an Ontario senator introduced a bill that would give judges the choice of whether to apply those measures. Sign up today and start receiving the latest breaking news headlines delivered directly to your inbox.

enter Stay on top of what's happening on the Hill with Rachel Aiello's twice-weekly updates on the minority Parliament when it's in session. Today's meeting of the person Liberal caucus and outgoing MPs on Parliament Hill today is about "reflecting" on the campaign and the electoral message Canadians sent when reducing the Liberal team to minority status, says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Alberta judge quashes parts of federal sex offender registry law In a ruling released Monday, Justice Andrea Moen reaffirmed her earlier decision that Alberta judges and prosecutors should have discretion over who is added to the list.

She also said it was unconstitutional to keep an offender on the list permanently. University of Alberta law professor Eric Adams said that means the laws no longer exist.

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