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  1. Why hasnt the FBI stepped in and arrested/fined all Hentai sites - League of Legends Community
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  5. Does "lolicon" or any hentai count as child pornography?

About half of the 2, pornographic animation titles distributed in Japan every year, including films and video games, feature schoolgirl characters. The English release of KITE , for example, labels Sawa as a college student on the back of the box, despite such information being absent from the film itself or the Japanese release.

Many male-oriented eroge, a genre of video games based on romance via decision trees that feature sexually explicit content, will include a character that appears prepubescent in their harem of ladies that the player may choose to court. However, English translations will make a point of stating that the character is much older than they appear and rarely include images from sexually explicit scenes with those characters in their advertising, even if they have them for every other character.

Despite the obvious age of the characters involved, some may still face a personal struggle to acknowledge these materials as child pornography. There is a large controversy over the legal status of fictional materials as child pornography. Ultimately, the core of the argument is that since no child was harmed in the creation of the material, the material should not be illegal. Conversely, those that support the regulation of fictional child pornography believe that consumption of such materials would contribute to the idea of viewing children as sexual objects by those inclined to do so, which may increase the rates of child sexual abuse.

Since there is evidence that exposure to violent pornography makes subjects more accepting of rape myths in experiments, supporters of restrictions speculate that exposure of simulated child pornography may desensitize people to real world child sexual abuse. There is no conclusive evidence to support either theory that exposure to fictional child pornography either increases or decreases the rates of child sexual abuse. However, no matter your feelings on the issue, current law is current law, and these materials are illegal in several countries. Many may doubt the likelihood that anyone would be brought up on genuine charges for fictional materials, however it has already occurred at least once in the United States.

This would place many people in our community at risk of legal prosecution, which could result in jail time and a permanent spot on the sex offender registry. These are the kinds of criminal charges that change lives permanently.

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It would not be the first time that a government failed to fully comprehend the interests and intent of a sub-culture and painted a very ugly picture. It's a frickin drawing made by someone that sometimes has loli so what? I mean REAL loli-kiddy porn is horrible it's really bad but a "cartoon" rather hentai isn't even hurting anything. Pellham Banned.

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  • Jun 11, 6, 0 0. This guy was a repeat offender and part of his indictment is for digital photos of real child pornography. However obscenity laws, especially ones involving artistic works, are incredibly fucking stupid. Jun 8, 19, 0 1, I can't believe you guys are defending pedo hentai. What the fuck guys? MadraptorMan Member. I'm not defending pedo hentai What the fuck is that? I think ONE year would be more than enough for this offense, assuming that the law is even lawful. This is his second time being busted for this.

    Why hasnt the FBI stepped in and arrested/fined all Hentai sites - League of Legends Community

    This is just one sick puppy. The only difference between drawings and pictures is that no real kids were hurt; but the material itself is aimed at the same demographic -- people who get off to sex acts with kids.

    Got hentai? Go to jail...

    His offices were raided by the FBI rencetly. Pellham said:. Oni Jazar Member. Jun 14, 10, 1 1, 40 Fort Lauderdale.

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    But the artist said she was 18 I swear! Koshiba Member. May 26, 3, 0 0 30 Lakeland, FL www. Thought this was about hentai in general. But nah, it's the child porn stuff again. That guy is sick. GDJustin stuck my tongue deep inside Atlus' cookies. Jun 7, 15, 8 0 San Francisco. MadraptorMan said:. Jun 7, 8, 0 1, This seems crazy, he may be a pedo and deserve the fires of hell but the laws seems insane. All you need to do is send some one a little hentai and an email with the words Who's you Daddy little girl and they could end up in prison?

    Mugen Banned. Jun 6, 2, 0 0. Jun 18, 49, 0 1, I guess that means you better not watch Immoral Sisters. Jun 7, 22, 0 0 33 New York, NY. I thought the Supreme Court ruled in Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition that laws banning "virtual" child pornography were unconstitutional.

    Teacher Unsure How to Write Up Student for Hentai Shirt Without Admitting He Knows What Hentai Is

    Jun 19, 2, 0 0 Willco Hollywood Square. Jun 9, 12, 2 0. HomerSimpson-Man Member. May 19, 25, 2 1, Maryland. BobbyRobby Member.

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    Jun 6, 5, 0 0 www. BobbyRobby said:. I can't believe you're defending such an obviously unconstitutional law. What the fuck guy? You honestly think it should be illegal to draw, and look at certain illustrated images? Good thing all the hentai dvds we carry have a disclaimer that says all models on the featured animation are aged 19 or older.

    Though, how some 19 year old is in middle school and looks like she's 9, I don't know. Mr Jared Member.

    Does "lolicon" or any hentai count as child pornography?

    Sep 19, 4, 0 0 And another not 4chan member bites the dust. Ark-AMN Banned. Oct 7, 4, 0 0 38 www. I do like hentai, though I also don't care at all for the "loli"-type hentai that has been coming out lately with small girls obviously underage who just creep me out.

    Japan's Pornhub Stats - WTF Hentai

    As I said in a past thread, I miss the good ol days of demons and monsters going with obvious college girls. Oh yeah, I remember bjork saying how he worked in an anime store and had to field very weird questions regarding hentai.

    Jun 10, 2, 0 0. Sep 22, 5, 0 0 It hurts so much. The blood is running.