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Start typing and Mail will show you any messages that match. Any time you want to check for new messages, just touch the mailbox screen and pull down — further than you would for search — until you see the refresh spinner.

60 Most Common Keyboard Shortcuts for Outlook

Another system-wide gesture, any time you're in a message or mailbox, you can swipe to go back to the mailbox the message is in, or the account the mailbox is in. It's especially handy for those with bigger phones. To quickly mark a message as read, touch it and swipe from left to right. To mark it as unread again, just repeat the gesture. You can swipe just far enough to see the big blue button, but if you keep swiping all the way across, you can skip the tap and really speed things up!

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To quickly trash or flag a message, touch it and swipe from right to left. You can tap the big orange flag button to flag it, or the big red trash button to delete it. You can also just swipe all the way across to save yourself a tap and send it straight to the trash. For example, if you prefer "archive" to "trash" simply choose that instead. I agree. I, too, discard many drafts in Outlook. Horrifyingly frustrating, and has been for years; I can't tell you how many messages I create and discard after pressing "CTRL-F" and having it assume I want to forward.

At least give us the option to change it to this functionality, if you don't want to break precedent. As well, it would be ideal for this hotkey to function in the preview pane, so I don't actually have to click open an email to search through it just to find a word. I work in a hospital, and we often have big emails in which I need to find a single name, so this is a daily frustration. How often does someone forward mail unless that is your job to review and forward email.

I am sure people woldl adjust if it became find. For now is not possible to search address in window of groups :. User has to search address "manually" by turning roll of the mouse : If someone has group with for instance emails it is not easy to find specific contact.

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The first trick for attachments: don't forget them. Thankfully, Gmail will pop up a reminder if your message includes phrases like "I have attached" or "I have included," yet you hit send without attaching anything. You can drag and drop files from Windows or Mac to a Gmail message. Images will be embedded in the message unless you drag the file to the tool bar below the composition window. Don't add too many. There's a 25MB limit per Gmail message. If you try to send too much, the files go to Google Drive and the recipient gets a link.

If you are a big Google Drive user, attaching items that already reside in Drive is not only a breeze, they don't count against the 25MB limit.

Click the Insert Files Using Drive icon in the composition window's toolbar to pick a file to attach. This also gets you around the kind of files Gmail blocks, such as EXE files. Want the same thing for your Dropbox account?

Chrome users can get it with the Dropbox for Gmail extension. You can delegate someone else to share control of your Gmail account, be they a company admin or your significant other.

We provide Outlook Training in the following cities

The person also has to have a Google or Gmail account of some sort—their email address must end in the domain name that matches yours, be it gmail. If you go to the path above and find a delegate there who you didn't authorize, change your password immediately—you probably got phished. If you come close to using up the 15GB of storage Google provides for free, and you don't want to pay for more, delete some messages. Search for " size: x m " where you replace the x with a number.

The "m" stands for megabytes. Any message with over 10MB of size probably has some hefty attachments—save them to your hard drive not to Google Drive—that's space you share with Gmail, so it won't save you anything. Another option: run Find Big Mail , a service that automatically creates labels for all your plus-sized messages so they're easy to find.

It's free for a single Gmail account; only G Suite users get charged. Are you getting a lot of newsletters and other junk you don't want? Most have an Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the message, and you can and should use those. Gmail mobile and desktop also sticks an "Unsubscribe" link at the TOP of the message, right next to the sender's name, if it can detect the link in the message. For easy clean-up, type "unsubscribe" into search, and you'll get a list of every message that has the word listed.

Go through each—it's as close as you can get to bulk unsubscribing without a third-party service. It's not easy, because email messages can be reminders of tasks or events. Worse, inboxes can be just like the inbox on a desk—piled high with stuff you've been avoiding. If you can't bear to mark a message as read in case you have to go back to it, or worse, would never, ever delete a message you might have to refer to later, you can still get to Inbox Zero.

Simply archive the messages. That's what labels do—you are archiving messages under a label to find later.

Keyboard shortcuts in AOL Mail - AOL Help

However, you don't need a label to archive messages. While reading a message or selecting it from the inbox, click the Archive button at the top the file box with the down arrow , and the messages are stored out of sight by Gmail. Find them later with a search. There is no "archive" label, but you can look in the "All Mail" link toward the bottom of the left-hand navigation.

Remember, archived messages still count against your Gmail storage—because you're storing them. If you want to actually be rid of them and their attachments, drag the message to the Trash label, where they will remain for 30 days before being permanently deleted. Better yet, get rid of frequently received and ignored messages that you can't delete, like receipts, by archiving them automatically using filters.